My summer in New York City is already well on its way. Today, precisely one month is marked complete. My thoughts and efforts are spent on projects here at Why Not Smile, a graphic design firm that works to develop integrated branding experiences across various media. This is my first real taste of design that is unsheltered by classroom studios and curriculum-centered syllabi. It feels vastly different. No longer can I depend on the luxury of a creative obligation to myself alone, but am asked to work within the confines of structured schedules and budgets.

My responsibilities in the office change day-to-day but there is one project that remains constant throughout the entire summer. Titled “Smiles Intern Project,” it is all about developing a personal concept around smiling (notice connection with studio title). Today I would like to share six of my first ideas surrounding this project (first image shown above).

I developed three of the six concepts and combined them into one strong message which drives a book design advised and critiqued by Hoon Kim.

<detailed breakdown of the graphs coming soon>