Hazelwood, a Case-study

Designing with Hazelwood’s people serves as a powerful case-study that highlights the benefits of a community action-based design approach, a process that provides tools that enable communities to co-create socially relevant solutions specific to their own community needs and interests.

This summer I was hired, through Heinz Endowments, to synthesize and share the design process in Hazelwood and various design/cultural probes created throughout the project.

The Building Blocks

One of the predominant goals of the project is to produce a set of tools to help vulnerable communities start conversations about social, racial and economic isolation and loss. So far – pulling from both the insights of designers and advocates that came before us and our own experience in Hazelwood – we have written about five “Qualities for Community Change.” Associated with each are a variety of unique tools and methods meant to engage communities all around the world.


Design Approach